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lunes, 15 de agosto de 2016

The incredible female power: these are some of the most powerful women in the world

The female power
Before begin to enlist to the women that more can have in the world, is necessary define: what is the power? From my point of view, the power is the capacity of influence and inspire to the world whole and, to the same time, leave a footprint.

Now, be considered a powerful person today is the a gigantic challenge. In addition to success in these times is characterized as fleeting, there are many obstacles and difficulties that may prevent the arrival to the top. Is by that that in the majority of them cases only them more tenacious and persevering manage to arrive.

He power of them women has taken strength in the last decades and our position has evolved enormously. To celebrate this, we then want to share with you who are women who, thanks to his conviction and perseverance, have managed to be part of this powerful list.

#13 Ameenah Gurib Fakim

Do you know about it? She is the first woman of Mauritanian President.

#12 Bidya Devi Bhandari

We present you the President of Nepal.

#11 Sheikh Hasina Wazed

And here is the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.

#10 Beyoncé

Do you need presentation? This woman was who said: "no one will give you power, you have to create it".

#9 Oprah Winfrey

Had some early well challenging, but with a railway force of will managed to overcome is and today works very hard to create a world best.

#8 Park Geun - hye

She is the President of South Corea. She was the first woman to reach such high office across North Asia.

#7 Anna Wintour

Anna is the editor in Chief of Vogue and a real figure from the world of the fashion. Also, had to cross many obstacles to get where is now, but never is gave by expired.

Look, this is one of their recommendations: "once, I was fired. Advise them going through that experience, you learn a lot! "."

Thanks for driving us to see it positive of each situation, Anna!

#6 Christine Lagarde

This beautiful woman is, nothing more and nothing less, the Director of the International Monetary Fund.

Here we talk about leadership: "for me, leadership means to encourage people. It means encouraging them. Permitles means reaching what can be achieved - with a purpose-"."

#5 The Queen Isabel II

"The training is everything. The more trained you are, more achievements you can achieve".

#4 Michelle Obama

"It was never missing classes. I loved to get good grades. I loved in hour. I thought that being smart was more incredible than anything else".

#3 Melinda Gates

This woman is the co-founder of the Foundation Bill & Melinda Gates.

"Take risks represents the only way of moving forward".

#2 Hillary Clinton

Democratic candidate for the Presidency of the United States.

"Always believed that you can learn something from each person that is crosses in your road;" only you have to be open."

#1 Angela Merkel
"Never I underestimated and not there is nothing of wrong with having ambition".

How they got where are today each one of them? The roads were very varied, since all come from different sectors and countries, but if there is something that all share is a passion for what they do.

Without a doubt, they are a great inspiration for everyone, especially for women, because they have demonstrated to the world that we are able to achieve all that we propose.