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lunes, 15 de agosto de 2016

Campaign Manager of Trump mentioned in investigation of corruption in Ukraine

Paul Manafort
Campaign Manager of Trump mentioned in investigation of corruption in Ukraine. Researchers of a case of corruption in Ukraine argue that Paul Manafort, Chief of campaign of the candidate presidential Republican Donald Trump, received years back a payment illegal, not registered from $12.7 million in cash, reported this Monday The New York Times.

It is not clear if Manafort actually received that money earmarked for the 2007-2012 cando worked as Advisor to the party of the pro-Russian President of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovich, said The New York Times.

Manafort issued a statement denying vehemently that had operation badly. "The suggestion of that accepted payments in cash lacks of fundamentals, is absurd and ridiculous", holds the connected, according to NBC News.

The name of Manafort appear 22 times in 400 pages written in Cyrillic characters in books found in the headquarters of Yanukovich's Party, says the Times. The article includes the scanning of one of the pages. The payments allocated totalled $12.7 million.

Those books were obtained by the Office national anti-corruption of Ukraine. The researchers argue that the network was used to divert assets in Ukraine and influence elections while Yanukovich was in power.

The Democratic candidate to the White House, Hillary Clinton, estimated by his side that the revelations of the journal were "disturbing" and demanded that Trump to clarify the connections of some of his direct collaborators with the Kremlin.

"Donald Trump has the duty of revealing them ties that exist between its director of campaign, Paul Manafort, and all them employees of its campaign with organisms Russian or pro-Kremlin", said Clinton.

Yanukovich was displaced of the power by a rebellion proccidental in 2014, after which Russia occupied the peninsula of Crimea and supported a movement separatist in the this from the country that fights with Kiev. The conflict has claimed 9,500 lives.

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