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lunes, 15 de agosto de 2016

18 best memories that you will give desire of return to your days of school (at least for a while)

The school is one of the best moments of childhood and will remain in our memories for a lifetime. Despite tests and tasks, we had fun with our colleagues and spent US breaks playing marbles, elastic or figurines. That cute memories!, not?

Today set up a list to revive all those memories of the school for a little while that will remain forever in our memory. Passes and recordalos you also!

#18 Sing along songs patriotic by not remember the letter or invent words because we could hear them as well.

#17 The formation of every morning...

#16 Remember the night before that you had test early

#15 Go with coins and that you scope to buy you a candy to each recreation

#14 The happiness extreme arrived with the timbre of the recreation

#13 Few things enjoyed more than the plastic-free drawing

#12 Invent nicknames in secret to your teachers

#11 Send you letters with your classmates in class

#10 To strain to remember the response of a test

#9 No had nothing worse than having to go to the front...

# 8 Unforgettable sleight of hand with all of the possible songs

#7 Do some to other machete?

#6 Walking embraced with friends was the most

#5 Define any dilemma with a rock, paper or scissors

#4 Exchange figurines

#3 Arrive with a smile with your new tools

#2 Jump rope in the playground

#1 Play to the game of the Pope

What cute would be back at least for a while... not? Tell us, what other memories have your day at school?